Course Route

Bike Course
A challenging 33km with enough undulation to rival the hardest bike courses in the UK. This course includes approximately 500m of elevation and takes you on a route from Shropshire, into Herefordshire and back into Shropshire to finish back at transition. The climbing comes in two main sections, including a 7km climb over Fiddlers Elbow and nearing the end of the ride, you climb through Mortimer Forest before a fast, short descent off Whitcliffe common.

Run Course
The run is approximately a 5km loop. It is a tough and hilly run including sections of road and off road terrain.

The first kilometre of the run is flat and gets you into your stride. Then it changes!! As you enter Whitcliffe Common you encounter the ‘Lactic Ladder’, a near vertical set of steps that will test the strongest of runners. Continuing around the common, you run across a viewing area giving the most incredible views of Ludlow, before descending off the Common, along The Breadwalk and back into Ludlow. The next stage of the run takes you up to the Castle, where you will run around the castle walls before starting lap 2.

The second run slightly differs to Run1. After crossing DInham Bridge for the first time, you turn left into the Whitcliffe area and head up the Lactic Ladder – omitting the flat 2km out-and-back-section along Halton Lane.  You then complete the circuit of Whitcliffe Common (as per Run 1), but head immediately back up the Lactic Ladder for a final time. After completing this circuit, you then turn right to re-cross Dinham Bridge, and circumnavigate the castle, before turning into the Castle to finish. When finishing the race you will have the pleasure of running into the Castle, via the crowd of spectators with the most stunning backdrop possible.

You will have Stormed The Castle!!

Disclaimer: The organisers reserve the right to amend the bike and run course routes when necessary. 

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All information correct at time of writing. The organisers reserve the right to change any of the above due to unforeseen circumstances.

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